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Pink Boot Camp

Every Tuesday
6:00 pm MST
Consultant Training on Zoom
Each week I will teach about a different topic then there will be a question and coahing time to ask about any other business topic.


Skin Care Session Event

6:00 pm MST
6655 W Jewell Ave Unit 3A Lakewood, Co 80226
Guests will get treated to satin hands, satin lips, skin care set: cleanser, day/night moisturizer, eye cream, microdermabrasion, and charcoal mask for some added pampering.


PJ's & Pampering

Every Thursday
6:00 pm MST
Guest Event on Zoom
Please RSVP your guest name, address, and skin type at least 5 days before.Guests will get to try the cleanser, microdermabrasion scrub, charcoal mask, moisture mask, pore minimizer, day and night moisturizer, and eye cream.


Hydrasession Guest Event

Guests will get to try: cleanser, microdermabrasion refine, charcoal mask, radiance facial peel, replenishing serum C+E, night moisturizer, nourishing oils, and the moisture renewing gel mask.


Soaring Higher Qualifier Event

Place a $300 or more order by the 15th and earn a special training on zoom.The special zoom link will be sent to qualifiers on the 16th so stay tuned and happy selling!


60th Anniversary guest event in CentennialGuests will get to try the new miracle set for an ultimate spa pampering session.


Fiesta Facials and Fun

Join us for Fiesta, Facials, and Fun to celebrate Mary Kay Ash' birthday!Guests will learn about the business opportunity and try out our new skin care line. Plus we will have a fiesta!


Greeley Guest Event

Join us in Greeley for a spa pampering session and makeup consultation.

Aurora Guest event

Mani Pedi Guest EventGuests will enjoy Satin hand softener, scrub, facial peel, mint bliss, nourishing oil, shea cream, satin lips, satin body collection.

Guests will be treated to a glamour session. We will be trying the cleanser, day/night, eye cream, eye makeup remover, foundation primer, perfecting concealer, foundation, blush, brow tint and liner, eye shadow brushes, eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick.

Thank you for helping your consultant with her training!
Can't wait to hear what possibilities you can create in your life with this Mary Kay opportunity!

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Meet Mary Kay Ash


that auto update!



Product Training

Product Central

✨ Answer any product question with the touch of a button!➡ Product facts
➡ Use-up rates
➡ Science
➡ Recommendations
➡ Ingredients and so much more
🔍Search by ingredient or by product.📄 You can also click "Product PDF" in the upper right-hand corner to get all the information to share with your customer quickly.


Skin Analyzer App

Help your customers find the best-customized product recommendations with the Skin Analyzer App! Try it yourself!


Free Product Education Apps!

comparison & conversion charts




Free Selling Apps!







If your goal is to have a profitable business, you have come to the right place!Whether your investment was your starter kit, inventory, or both, with proper money management skills, you can have a thriving business.

Tip 1

Separate Accounts

It is wise to open a separate personal checking and savings account for your business. Choose a bank that has no fees and provides a debit card and checks for your account. A credit union is a great option.

Tip 2

Pay Yourself

Choose when you are going to pay yourself. Whether it is once a week or twice a month, on that day you will write yourself a check from your business account to deposit into your personal bank account.

Tip 3

40/60 Split

Tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. The 40/60 split means that 50% of the money will be used to re-stock your store, 10% is for business expenses, and 40% is your profit.
Learn more HERE and HERE.



Business management is key to running an effective and profitable business.Time management, money management, and emotional management are the three key areas to master to become the ultimate Boss Babe.



Being an entrepreneur is a privilege. One of the challenges that entrepreneurs face is creating structure where there is no structure. That is why time management skills are vital. Here are four keys to help you be more efficient:


Be productive!


Calendars are a simple and effective tool to help keep us productive and organized as we maximize our day. Please don't get caught up on which tool you want to use, whether paper or digital. The critical part is practicing the habit of using a calendar and following through with your activities according to the time blocks you assign yourself.  It all starts with a planner.
Mary Kay offers a great planner on InTouch under Section 2.
Your time and attention are your most valuable resources; don’t let them go to waste.

Digital Planner

  • Auto sync with booking apps (Calendly, Zoom, Etc.)

  • Easily search past events

  • View & Manage multiple calendars

  • Share calendar with family, friends, and team members

  • Always available on any device at tap of your finger

  • Utilize reminders & tasks

  • Save time with duplicating repeat events

  • Time block digitally

Brain Dump

How to Complete a Brain Dump

It’s a pretty simple habit to start. Grab a piece of paper and find a quiet place. Start writing every thought, to-do, reminder, task, or question without organizing it.By taking just 10 minutes to clear out your mind, you will find more clarity. All of your worries, thoughts, and tasks will be recorded in a safe and reliable place. This takes the pressure off your brain to remember and remind you of all.the.things!

What is a
trigger list?

A trigger list is a great tool to use when you are completing a brain dump or mind sweep. It will help to “trigger” memories or tasks that you might not be thinking about. This list might include things about your home, job, errands, or projects that you would otherwise forget.

Weekly & Daily


Weekly Planner VS. Calendar

Creating a weekly planner is NOT the same as using a calendar. This is a time management strategy called "Time Blocking" where you schedule out every part—and we mean every part—of your week. With time blocking, you are effectively breaking the work-week into incremental time slots where you check your email, complete income-producing activities, work on projects, take a break, or even exercise.Like most time management strategies, time blocking is a way for you to reclaim your day and get a better sense of where your time is actually going. By scheduling blocks of work, you not only ensure you are completing your important tasks, but also ensure you are setting aside time for rest and self-care.

5 Benefits of Making a Weekly Plan

1. It keeps us accountable.

Just the act of making an appointment helps set a date and time aside for a specific activity. Not only is setting aside a specific date and time helpful for meetings and doctor appointments, but you can also use this strategy to carve out time to spend with friends or to complete specific tasks on your to-do list. Doing so gives it importance and it is not left to chance that we will finish that lingering task because we already assigned a date and time for it.

2. It keeps us realistic

When planning out tasks and activities on the calendar, be realistic. Carve out enough time for each task, and write down what time you will start and finish the task. If in doubt, slightly overestimate how long it may take. Overestimating is a great way to ensure we do not feel rushed, and it allows us extra time in case unexpected events come up. Using a calendar might make us realize that not all of the tasks we had in mind for today can be finished, but it shows us which activities can be.

3. It helps us prioritize

Which tasks are important? Which tasks add value to our lives, and which ones do not? Putting items on the calendar makes us choose what we want to spend our time on. This allows us to make room for what is important and filter out the rest.

4. It keeps us on track

Have you struggled with procrastination? Having a specific date and time set aside for a task tells us when we have to do it. It helps us eliminate excuses, and it makes us get to work. No longer will we let tasks roll down our to-do list. We make them a priority and stop delaying.

5. It sets boundaries

When we see the weekly plan, we see how our day is to be structured. It stops us from spending too much time on one activity, and not enough time on another. We can even schedule fun activities and breaks in our calendar to help make sure they don’t drag out and make sure we don’t forget to have fun too. If it helps, use a timer. Once the timer goes off, it’s a reminder to move onto the next task. If the task isn’t complete, schedule another block of time for the task the following day.

6 most

Important List

The benefit of creating a 6 Most Important List is that every day, as you start work, you know exactly what you will work on first. You also have clarity about what to complete next. When an interruption occurs, you know quickly whether to act on it immediately, delay it, or dismiss it.

  • Six things. Not sixty, not thirty-six. Six things.

  • Important things. Not urgent things. Not someone else’s things. Things important to you.

  • Each “thing” is a task you can finish today. Break bigger things down into smaller steps that you can do today.

  • At the end of the day. Not at the beginning when you’re optimistic. At the end of the day when you can be realistic.

  • Do item 1 the first thing in the morning. Don’t check email first. Don’t rehash priorities. Start at 1 and finish it.

  • Daily. Every day. Every single day.



Follow up is key to success!
Utilizing a system for follow up results in peace of mind.

Paper System

The "Office in a Box"

Step one

Label your accordion folder tabs with every day of the week + "Next Week" + "Next Month" ( and Jan-Dec depending on what size folder you have.)

Step two

File away your recent customers, leads, potential team members, and any tasks into the correct day to follow up with.Example: Whatever is in the "Tuesday" folder is all you must focus on for Tuesday. Follow up with Susie on the product she purchased two days ago, then move her profile card to 2 weeks out or: Next Month: write a note/ sticky note with any memos to remember.



  • Appointment Tracking Sheets

  • Prize Tracking Sheets

  • Career Path Tracking Sheet

  • Blank copies of each in the back


  • Pen/ Pencil

  • Paper Clips

  • Sticky Notes


Faces Contest: Unit goal of pampering 100 faces in 30 days!

Sharing Contest: When we complete 50 career chats in one month, one lucky consultant and one lucky guest will each received $50 cash! The drawing will take place once we complete 50 chats in 30 days.- Career chats can be completed by:
1. Completing a 3 way call with your guest and Jessica
2. Watching our unit video and filling out the survey.



of sharing



Share the MK opportunity with 3 people in your first month and earn your pearl earrings!



Share the MK opportunity with 3 more people in your first month and earn your pearl bracelet!



Add your first great-start qualified team member and earn your pearl necklace!

Being a star consultant is among the most prestigious titles a beauty consultant can earn! Below are the facts and some dates to remember.

You can be a star

Become a Star Consultant by selling enough to cumulatively order 1800+ wholesale within one quarter.That averages out to about $300 retail per week.  When you sell $300+ in one week, it is referred to as a Star Week and you get recognition for that!Wholesale is what you pay; retail is what the customer pays!

Dates to remember

The Seminar year is what we refer to as our fiscal year.July 1st - June 30th

Quarter 1: June 16 – Sept. 15
Quarter 2: Sept. 16 – Dec. 15
Quarter 3: Dec. 16 – March 15
Quarter 4: March 16 – June 15

Why Be a star?


Choose a prize

Star consultants can choose from thousands of prizes each quarter.


Get free leads

When people shop on, star consultants get orders when people search for consultants.


Get to party!

Stars earn an invitation to the Star Celebration each quarter, ranging from gifts to experiences.


Get re-orders

When you are consistent, you build a loyal customer base and a solid re-order business.



For Directors



must- have

Free Customer Apps!

Share with customers:


Download the app

Want a deeper insight into your skin? There’s an app for that!

The Mary Kay Skin Analyzer App uses advanced facial recommendation technology to evaluate your customer’s skin by measuring overall texture, the depth of wrinkles, skin tone, and overall appearance. Based on the results, a customized regimen of Mary Kay products is provided to meet your customer's needs.

Take a selfie

Scan your face by taking a selfie. The app will analyze your skin type, texture, wrinkles, skin tone, and under-eye appearance and give you a list of product recommendations based on your results.

View recommendations!

View the results and recommended products to create the perfect skincare routine.

The Mary Kay® App provides a new way to connect with your customers or for guests to locate an Independent Beauty Consultant if they do not already have one. They can shop, place orders, and more from the convenience of their phones.


Share with customers:

MyCustomers+ App

The myCustomers®+ app provides you the opportunity to create sales tickets, manage inventory and service your customers on-the-go from your mobile devices.

How to add a New Customer:

☝🏼 TIP

Gather as much information by using a profile card, including skin type, address, birthday, anniversary, etc. Click here to learn more about profile cards + questionnaires.

How to add a CDS Order:

☝🏼 TIP

When choosing CDS "Customer Delivery Service," the order will auto-ship to your customer from the Mary Kay warehouse. You will receive an email in 1-3 days letting you know it has been shipped along with the tracking number.✨If you include your customer's email in their profile, they will also receive this email notification.

☝🏼You must have an active consultant status to utilize CDS.

Get organized


How to use


Customers & their Orders

Personal Website



Mary Kay Mirror Me™ is the new virtual makeover app that uses augmented reality to try color products on the face in real-time, allowing the user to move naturally and view makeup in a lifelike setting.Mary Kay Mirror Me™ uses your phone’s camera to apply makeup trends and color products the same way they look in real life – no mess made and no photo upload necessary!


Paper & Digital

Consider using a profile card or digital questionnaire to gather and organize information about your guests including; full name, address, skin type, skin concerns. birthday, anniversary, etc.

Paper Profile

Available for purchase on under "Section 2".

  • These paper profile cards are also great for taking notes during virtual sessions!

OR you can print this simplified profile.

Consider texting or emailing a digital profile form (aka questionnaire) to gather the guest information before the session. Many platforms can be used to create a digital form: Google Forms, JotForms, PaperForms, etc. Here is a Google Form that you can copy and edit for yourself!

  • Quick to send via text

  • Free to customize

  • Easy to store & organize

  • No printing needed

  • It can be used in automation like thank you texts or forwarded to your booking link.

Sales Tickets

Paper & Digital

Paper Sales Ticket

Some are available for purchase on under "Section 2".

OR you can print this simplified profile.

  • These paper sales tickets are also great for taking notes during virtual session!

Digital Sales Ticket

This option does not process payment; it only receives it from the customer, so you can process it yourself, depending on their preferred payment choice.

Consider texting or emailing a digital sales ticket (aka invoice) to confirm the order and gather the guest's payment information. Many platforms can be used to create a digital sales ticket: Google Forms, JotForms, PaperForms, etc. Here is a Google Form that you can copy for yourself and use as a prefilled Google Form!

  • Great for virtual appointments

  • Clean visual of cost details

  • Add Venmo details & QR

  • Can add personal notes

  • Can be used in automation like Thank You text

  • Easy to save & organize


pretty product

Boutique feel with an Amazon Prime delivery.

🎉 Fun things to include in your customers order:

  • Business card

  • Thank you note- include a family photo if possible.

  • A couple of samples

  • Candy/mints

  • Confetti or sparkles

Hand Delivering




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